zpět / backFive years 2002–2007Five years 2002–2007
Five years 2002–2007
A doll – size of a five-year-old child
Material: recycled paper – drawings and paintings on paper I did not wish to keep

Until a certain age I took my parents‘ attention for granted. I took it as something I have an indisputable right to. Later I realized that is not the case.
Suddenly I could not understand what they loved me for.
How did I earn their love and attention?
How come, whenever we have argued, they forgive me again?
Sometimes everybody struggles with oneself, unnecessarily... Reproach, frustration, irritation can all be the result of our incapability to communicate with people around us… I have been an expert on this!
Trying to pinpoint the time when I last felt at ease with myself, I had to go all the way back to the days I was five. I did not care what I was like, I just was. I was myself, without giving too much thought to whether other people like me that way or not. I believe this is what everybody is like when they are five. It is an age at which we love everything that surrounds us and the sheer existence brings us joy and adventure. Everything is new to us, everything opens our eyes in wonder. Our joy gives joy to people who have brought us to this world, people who know us to the marrow of our bones.

Can we get this lightness back?
Five years 2002–2007
Foto: Ondřej Semotán