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Surface of a dream 2007
In the pause between dreaming and being awake I often saw a strange substance. It was like dough. Sometimes smooth and soft, sometimes rough and ripping. An enormous mass, it rolled against me... There was a vast landscape around, the wind blowing through the corn... or was it grass? I don\\\'t know, everything was dark.
I admit I always enjoyed imagining unusual things and situations. This was, however, completely different. This „something“ could be perceived with all your senses. The moment IT appeared, I could feel the breeze in my hair and against my face and, although this huge rolling thing appeared to be at a considerable distance, I knew it also had a distinct taste. Perhaps it was carried by the wind. Who knows?
What I enjoyed most was to see that the substance seemed to have its own will. As it rolled over itself, it created various visions and images which emerged from it and then disappeared in it again. These were sometimes smooth and beautiful, sometimes jagged, uneven and rough, depending on whether the dough happened to be smooth or rough.
Occasionally something different happened. I remember being taken by surprise by a scene in which a beautiful castle and a princess standing in its window started falling apart. The mortar began crumbling down, the princess turned black and everything eventually fell into pieces, as the dough turned dry, rough and started to rip. Then it rolled over and the three-dimensional image was all gone...
Although this strange dough would never appear at one\\\'s wish, I could see it quite often as a child. Later, as I grew up, other worries made me forget this subtle line between dreaming and being awake. Almost forget, fortunately. Dreams and visions are a kind of alternative experience, which is so colourful it appears much more attractive than bare, gray reality. The world and people are suddenly far away and it is fun to watch them from the safe distance of eternity.

One day, IT returned... and it was very close! This time the most prominent impression was the sound. What used to sound like autumn leaves gently rustling, was the deafening thunder of a waterfall now. This was no longer fun. It was scary. Fortunately, the moment of fear was brief. IT came and went away. Phew!
There was no time to get distracted. In the inner world a decisive battle between two enemy camps was imminent. I felt I had to make a decision before they tore me apart. In the unreal world – which was exactly what they were good at...

Several years later the mysterious substance appeared again. This time it was no longer SOMETHING I could only watch at a distance. As soon as IT arrived, I found myself inside, in a turmoil together with other people. There was much to observe, the same smooth and rough spots, but suddenly everything was so frighteningly close! I was enveloped in fear. I was controlled by the quality of the substance. Could I escape it? I had no idea. All I remember is how surprised I was at the new situation. A thing, knowledge, experience impossible to grasp... suddenly encircled by something I had observed for years as a detached bystander. An idea flashed through my mind: could this be life? In a way, I was happy. Although I felt as if I had been cast into a washing machine!

The world of ideas and dreams, even the reality which we create, depends on our attention to be born or to disappear. Be it tangible objects or invisible ties such as interpersonal relationships, it all depends on the degree of attention we pay to it. A neglected house will eventually succumb to destruction, disintegrate and disappear. Analogically, emotional ties between people will die if we neglect them. Or if we treat them as a „gold lode“, from which we can only take and take.

Going to sleep last night I remembered a letter I had been planning to write for a long time. A promise I had made. And now? Time passes and I became someone who speaks empty words. Looking for the right words to say, in my mind I saw my hand writing. The postproduction of my mind seemed to have added some effects, as it looked at times as if the tip of the pen rippled water surface. Yes... that was it! It appeared for a brief moment, a tiny fraction of a moment! It was soft as never before. Soft and smooth. It was like a message. Short and clear. You can influence the quality of the surface! Influence it with the right decision, with the right action.

In Prague on September 14, 2007

Surface of a dream 2007