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PH brutal /2003
post human talisman
Jewellery: human teeth, AK 47 bullets and cartridges
Cases: concrete

What incites conflicts among people? What are the roots of hatred and rivality between nations?
How do individuals influence and what is their share in the making of history?
Are there any generally valid, fundamental principles of humanity?

Humanity is usually understood as a thoroughly positive trait typical of all humankind. We see it as a halo every member of our kind is equipped with, an accessory item which makes him or her sympathetic and obliging to their fellowmen. It distinguishes and separates us from animals. Humanity is our stamp of perfection.

Brutality is something we condemn… while it never ceases to stay with us. Wars, murders, torture, mass extermination and expulsion…

Where do people get it from?

Whether we like it or not, the history of our kind is inseparably connected to a parallel story of war and weapons with which this war is waged. We can only wonder at the ingenuity of mind and at the level of technological advance and effort put into the development of tools designed to kill us.

The invention of film enabled us to get aquainted with the reality and horror of modern wars as intimately as if they were our own experience, with which we now must come to terms.

Human teeth symbolize the pain inflicted on us. You will recall what this means whenever sitting in the dentist’s chair.
Animal teeth have since time immorial been part of amulets and charms. They provided hunters with magic superiority over their prey, even before these actually set out to hunt.

Bullets represent pain and wounds we inflict on others.
I chose bullets from AK 47, a weapon better known under the name of its inventor, kalashnikov. This army assault rifle is manufactured in the former Soviet Union and other nine countries worldwide. Since 1947, 70 million units in approximately 100 variations have been produced.
While technologically not too complicated (it only consists of 16 easy to dismantle parts, which means even 10-year-old children are able to use it), AK 47 has become the symbol of enspeakable violence.
The 1998 Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World report suggests that in armed conflicts as many as 90% of fatal injuries are caused by small guns designed for use of one person.

Concrete cases are at the same time a metaphor of the weight of the problem and a hiding place.

„PH brutal“ as a project is the culmination of the many years I have been researching the topic. Last but not least it is also a breaking point and a path towards a better understanding of oneself, of the world we live in and the reality we create.

(The text is also found as a separate project)
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PH brutal /2003
Foto poster: Vojtěch Vlk, Foto action: Martin Kotrba