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Moriror – memento mori /2001
Project with a classic theme „Memento Mori“ – remember the death.
In the middle age the typical object Memento Mori was a ring in a shape of skull. It was meant to
constantly remind its carrier about impermanency of life and the Judgement Day.
That was in the middle age. In the times when people still used to go to church, believed in God.
Almighty, and were afraid of being eternally banned.

What was is gone. But how is it today?

I have decided not to make a „new object“, but to try and find out what does the Memento Mori
looks like nowadays. Does it even exist? Where and for how much can it be bought?

Ask Morior. He will be happy to tell you. And on top of that you can have a game of noughts and
crosses with him.

Used terms:
Because the theme is bordered by Latin term, I have decided to use some Latin terms or to be
inspired by them.

Morior – evokes English term „warrior“ (the fighter – character from computer games)
Mori (mors) – Death. Vita – Life. Two contrasts, which the final „game for life“ at the end
operates with.

Exitus game
There are three ways of ending a game.
Loss – Moribundus – the dying, on last legs (inspired by a Czech fairytale „Godmother death“)
Draw – Vitabundus – (surprise) – the survivor; ekes out a living.
Win – Exitus – Death! Because – I am sorry – Morior doesn‘ t know how to loose.

Even though the web as a whole comes out as funny, I am telling on behalf of my self, how I
thing our relationship to death looks like today.
Death, weather we think about it or not is and will be unsiezeble.
Digital medium is in this case used as a metaphor towards it. Something essentially untouchable

And why is it funny?
It‘s because we are so scared of death that we only talk about it in jokes.
Death is something that as much as possible, we don‘t concern our selves with.
It‘s not „in“ enough.
Although we are used to think in wide time horizons of past and future, death is something that
we are not counting on. It is something that into a life of a human being from 21st century doesn‘t
belong to.

Too dark, too burdensome is the thought of the only certainty we have. But weather we like it or not,
death is inextricable part of our living.
By overlooking it, we are overlooking an important part of our lives – the presence.

Our mind that is constantly occupied by preparing the future and amending the past, dedicates
too little time to simply being happy from the plain fact of being alive.

Morrior – memento mori, click and go ...